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Auditing Theory by Cabrera

Applied Auditing 2010 by Cabrera

Advance Accounting 1 by Guerrero

Advance Accounting 2 by Guerrero

Income Taxation by Valencia and Roxas

Business and Transfer Taxation by Valencia and Roxas

Cost Accounting by de Leon

Auditing Theory by Salosagcol

Management Accounting by Cabrera

Management Accounting Franklin Agamata

MAS by Louderback

MAS by Agamata

Financial Accounting 1 by Valix

Financial Accounting 2 by Valix

Financial Accounting 3 by Valix

Baysa and Lupisan advance accounting 1

MAS by Garisson

Robles and Empleo Financial Accounting Part 1

Robles and Empleo Intermediate Accounting Vol. 3


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